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※This article is translated from Japanese to English by Google Translate. I fixed it a little manually, but please comment if there is something wrong.
※This article was written after the development of Ender Cane 1.0.0

Mod nameEnder Cane
AuthorPitan (Site Admin)
ModLoaderFabricMC, MinecraftForge
Required modsFabricAPI (Fabric Only), MCPitanLib, Architectury API
MC Version1.17~1.20.1




This mod adds an item that can be teleported.
Consume ender pearls to teleport.
The GUI can be opened with "right click + shift".
Within the GUI that opens, you can add and remove coordinates from the list, select coordinates, and put ender pearls in and out.
Select the saved coordinates and right click to move by setting the selected coordinates.

Recipe list

GUI Operation



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