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※This article is translated from Japanese to English by Google Translate. I fixed it a little manually, but please comment if there is something wrong.
※This article was written after the development of Item Alchemy 0.6.6.

Mod nameItem Alchemy
ContributorOffsetMonkey538, Mai
Mod loaderFabricMC
Required modsFabric API, MCPitanLib
MC Version1.18~1.20.1




This MOD adds philosopher's stone etc. which can be equivalently exchanged with EMC system like ProjectE.
This is a mod under development.
Check REI for the recipe.

Item, Machine, Recipe list

Explanation (Item)

Philosopher's Stone

Now you can equivalence transform the clicked block.
While holding this item, press V key (default) to up the charge by 1 level, and press V + Shift key to down it by 1 level.
The more you charge, the wider the equivalent conversion range.

Alchemy table

It's like the exchange table in ProjectE.
You can melt items into EMC or convert EMC into items.

EMC Condenser

Creates a target item by converting an item inserted into this device's slot into EMC.
The target item can be set in the slot with the target mark at the top.
An EMC collector or EMC repeater can be installed sideways to send EMC to this device.

EMC Collector MK-1~MK-3

It is a device that generates EMC with light, or a fuel refining device.
You can get EMC during smelting by placing an EMC collector or EMC repeater next to it.
The light can be a light source such as a torch or the light of the sun, and since the light of the sun is only available during the day, it is better to place a light source with a brightness of (10) or higher above this device.

"Coal" → "Redstone" → "Gunpowder" → "Alchemy Smoke" → "Mobius Fuel" → "Eternalis Fuel"

EMC Collector MK-4~MK-5

In fact, I'd rather craft an AEGU than craft this one.
This is because it is inefficient.
It is an item imported from PEAA.


The official name is "Alchemical Energy Generating Unit".
AEGU has Alchemical Energy Generating Unit, Advanced AEGU, and Ultimate AEGU.
It is an item imported from PEAA.
The installation method is to install an AEGU with 3x3x3 as follows and place an EMC condenser in the center.
If you can connect with an EMC condenser, it will be a different texture, and you can click AEGU to open the EMC condenser's GUI.

EMC Repeater

Project E has an antimatter furnace, so you can make flowers.
However, this mod doesn't have them (it was too troublesome to make), so you can use this device to make things like flowers.
You can think of this as an industrial pipe such as IC2, or an EMC pipe.

Alchemical Fuel

It is a material for creating items and devices generated by EMC collectors.

Mobius Fuel

It is a material for creating items and devices generated by EMC collectors.

Aeternalis Fuel

It is a material for creating items and devices generated by EMC collectors.

Alchemy Pad

It's an itemized alchemy table.

Explanation (Command)

Command Reload EMC (/itemalchemy reloademc)

This command reloads the file "config/itemalchemy/emc_config.json" in which the EMC values ​​for each item are set.

Command Change EMC (/itemalchemy setemc [item] [emc])

This is a command that can set EMC for an item.
emc is a integer.

Command Reset EMC (/itemalchemy resetemc)

This command resets the EMC values ​​of all items.
In other words, regenerate the EMC value from the default EMC value, the recipe.
※ Note that the set EMC value will be lost.

Command to open alchemy table (/itemalchemy opentable)

Open the alchemy table by this command.


Please report bugs to
*Before reporting, please check the following items, and include the version of Item Alchemy, MCPitanLibarch, Fabric, Minecraft, etc., and if there is a crash log, please.

Game crashes without launching

1. Item Alchemy's version is old.
2. The version of MCPitanLibarch does not match
3. The version of Fabric does not match
4. The version of Minecraft does not match
5. The version of Architectury API does not match

Not set emc of item of new mod

Delete "config/itemalchemy/emc_config.json" once.
If you have customized your settings, make a backup as well.

Major contribution (Thank you!)


If the page has an editing mistake or don't know how to use it, please write it here. (Impressions OK)

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